Monday, November 24, 2008

All in the family

Kangaroo Island cook Grace James made free samples of her wonderful Economical Steamed Plum Pudding recipe for patrons to try at this year's Kingscote Show. Grace and her recipe are featured in The Blue Ribbon Cookbook, along with a wonderful photograph taken in the late 1920s which shows Grace and the rest of her family enjoying a picnic at the showground. The photo was replicated on the front of this year's Kingscote Show book as a tribute. Author Liz Harfull was officially invited to open the event as well as launch the book locally, and present a signed copy to Grace, who took out quite a few trophies again this year despite serious competition from her sisters, Olive May and Joyce West. Two of her grand children continued the tradition by winning in the junior classes, presenting the third generation of the descendants of Jack and Olive Elsegood (Grace's parents) to compete at the show.